Loser on a Winning Streak

I’m a loser on a winning streak

Trying to redefine my life

Scared to death I’ve reached my peak

Afraid to throw the dice


Lately I’m on a mission

And I’ve made some good decisions.

But the profit report has come up short                     But the emotional report has come up short

And I’m about to lose my vision.


There’s a way to live a life                                   It’s not about the money

With the long term in sight                                  That determines whether its sunny

or things are funny

Values are the real boss                                       It’s about relationships dummy

Money’s not everything                                       That is what makes life worthwhile

People don’t want to place blame                    Lay it all out there on the line

When things don’t work out right                    Don’t hold back an ounce

And if the profit report                                         You can’t overspend love in your


Comes up short                                                      But you can underspend it

They keep the long term in sight.                    And there is no forgiveness for the

loveless and unrepentant.