A Hurricane is Brewing in My Heart

My wife and I fell in love at Disney Springs. I remember the exact moment. It was on our first date during the 3rd song we danced to played by one of the various bands set up around the lake. Since that first night, I’ve often wondered why the musicians who play at Disney Springs haven’t become household names. They sound as good, maybe better, than the musicians performing on award shows.

This Valentine’s night Mary and I returned to Disney Springs. My old buddy Jack Daniels was talking to me as Mary and I enjoyed the sounds of Mighty Swell, who played in an open venue on the sidewalk, and Crystal at the bar next to Planet Hollywood, when the thought occurred to me that all these musicians were missing was their own original music.

So as we sat listening to Crystal’s clear, ringing voice, I wrote the female version of the poem/lyrics that follow. While I was writing I was getting a lot of encouragement from my old buddy Jack. I was sure I’d penned a #1 hit Valentine’s night. Not so sure now.

But maybe you’ll enjoy and maybe, just maybe, someone who reads this will put the words to music. Wouldn’t that be grand?

A Hurricane Brewing in My Heart

I look into her moonlit face

And see her starry eyes are lit in moonlight lace

But beauty cannot hide the lies

That lay beneath her lovely eyes.

I thought I detected within her eyes a trace

Of love but rejected the lies of eyes in moonlight lace

But knew I longed to see that trace

Of love etched eyes in moonlit lace

I sense the flag of a hurricane warning

Lulled into the calm before the storm

As I try to pry myself from the spell of her eyes

I hardly notice the passion burning

Unaware of the storm that’s forming

A hurricane party might be fun

I see it coming, I should run.

I can handle the wind and rain

But not the tidal surge

And wonder if I’ll ever reemerge.

And I wonder if I’ll ever reemerge.

But she’s not to blame,

After all, she’s just a hurricane.

She’ll blow on thru

And leave me bare

Cause that’s what hurricanes do.

I know she’s not a force of nature

Just a faker and a taker

Yet I stand there in her wind and rain,

Arms stretched wide waiting to be embraced,

All I want is a little taste of sun and fun and skies of blue

And here she comes with her wind, and rain, and tidal devastation

She’ll blow on through.

And leave me bare and leave me there

I couldn’t run now if I wanted to

Looks like I’m in it for the duration,

Total devastation,

She’s a hurricane and will blow on thru,

She’s a hurricane and will lay me bare, and leave me there

Cause that’s what hurricanes do.

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